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March 16, 2008

In Canada, Milk comes in Bags.

Milk_bagsDid you know that in Canada, milk comes in bags? 

I found an entire website devoted to how this crazy idea works.

Some people state that this is more environmentally friendly because the bags are biodegradable, use less packaging than jugs, and take up less space in the landfills. But they look like ordinary plastic to me.

The FAQ of the website is particularly amusing (and utterly uninformative):

"Q: WHY?
A: Why not?

Q: What do you usually do with the bag part of a milk bag     after the fact? (The fact being drinking the cow product inside said bag.)
A: Typically they are recycled, though I have seen some people use them for freezer bags. Sometime we joke around and say that they're poor people's condoms.    

Q: That's super expensive!
A: Take mind of exchange rates.

Q: What money do you use in canada, anyway?
A: Canadian currency.
Q: How is the milk bag better than the milk carton or jug?
A: I don't know. It seems as though they are easier to recycle, more enviromentally friendly.
Q: Where did the milk bag originate?
A: I don't know. I read somewhere that it was like, Greenland or something. I'll have to look into that.
Q: Who invented the milk bag?
A: ... I don't know. I don't think it was 'someone'. Probably a group of crazy hippies.
Q: Are all milk bags the same size?
A: Yeah, pretty much. Unless you count those drinkable milk pouches we all used to drink when we were little at school. But that's a whole other species of milk bag compared to what this site is about.
Q: Does the milk stay fresher?
A: Not anymore than it would in a jug.
Q: Wait, do you leave the milk bag open? You don't seal it? Don't cockroaches get in?
A: It's a small hole cut in the corner of the bag...
Q: Yeah, but still. Small roaches can get in, no?    
A: Yeah, I guess. If I had roaches that might be of concern.
Q: It looks like a bag of cocaine
A: Okay.

Q: I think milk bags would cause more problems. See, someone can accidentally throw the jug and it wouldn't spill easily. The milk bag would (if it were already open) and SPLASH. - it would create a mess.
A: How can you accidentally throw a milk bag anyway?
Q: *walks into the kitchen* Hmm...some milk with donuts would be nice! *grabs the pitcher. it slips* WHOOPS.
A: They're not soap. They're usually pretty well into the pitcher. And then you have the weight of the bag.
Q: So they're not slippery?
A: No.
Q: Oh...
Q: Do you have jugs?
Q: In Canada
Q: ...that sounds horrible
Q: Do they sell jugs there is what I really meant. And I don't mean prostitutes either.
A: They might sell them specialty.
Q: Do you know if they're more expensive than milk bags?
A: If they were cheaper, I think we'd carry them like everyone else.
A: Not anymore than Michael Jackson. And you can take that whatever way you want.    

Q: Does milk in a bag work easier than milk from a jug when shooting a milk saturated porn?
A: Good possibilty.

Q: Do they have ebonics in Canada?
Q: And if they do, do they say "wud de fook is dat shit aboot?"
A: ...Why are you asking me this?
Q: Just trying to imagine a ghetto-Canadian asking for milk at a convience store.
Q: Do you have to wait in long lines at Canadian hospitals?
A: Uh?
Q: You know, just in case you get milk poisoning.
Q: Do they have pine trees in Canada?
Q: And do they have Arab cab cars with pine smelling air freshner?
A: What the hell?
Q: Just wondering."

Read more at The Canadian Milk Bag.

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Interesting... I'm glad that we are able to get our milk from a local dairy in glass jars that they reuse over and over again.



Also, note that this is Parmalat milk, Italy's answer to Enron (although I don't know whether Parmalat's money troubles affected employees, customers, etc. as much as Enron's collapse did).

It's funny. But it looks like regular old plastic to me too. I wouldn't vote for milk in a plastic bag anymore than I'd buy anything else in a plastic bag. I don't do plastic.

I live in Canada, and indeed we buy our milk in the bags pictured above. We all have plastic jugs the bags fit into. It's 4L (Cdn) total and there are 3 bags inside. In my area you can recycle both the outer bag, and the 3 milk bags. But I reuse the inside bags as 'ziploc' bags, even in the freezer. I usually store raw meat in there, so when I'm done with them I just recycle them. I know one store that sells the bigs jugs of milk, and I think you return the jugs for the deposit. I believe the price of the milk is about the same either way. Just an fyi!

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